Flue Gas Sampling Probe SP223

1. Introduction

SPF223 sampling probe used in the systems for gas sampling, filtration and heating function, can effectively prevent the condensation of gas samples collected, unique structural design allows for a sampling system is more reliable, more small gas loss rate to ensure system stability and true.           

2. Product features

  • The device and the part of the sample contact are all made of 316L stainless steel material processing, high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance. With rain cover can do outdoor work environment.
  • Adopting the isothermal heating body, in the design of compact structure, stable heating temperature.
  • The filter using SiC ceramic filter has big filter area, high accuracy, which can be replaced from the device pulled out completely, simple operation, without tools, greatly shorten the maintenance time, and reduce the labor intensity.
  • Optionally providing a reusable purging / calibration port.
  • The operation is simple, with low temperature alarm.
  • The filter replacement without tools.
  • The switch is convenient, with locked cover.
  • The high efficiency filter cleaning system.

3. Specifications

  • The maximum sampling temperature: 300℃
  • The maximum working pressure: 6BAR
  • The sampling chamber heating temperature: 140℃ (factory set, adjustable temperature)
  • The power supply: 220VAC 50/60Hz 400W
  • Environment temperature: -20~80℃
  • The maximum dust concentration: 100g/m3
  • The ceramic filter: 2μm (other precision optional, 1-10μm)
  • The filter size: 150*40/20mm
  • The purging interface: OD8/6mm connector
  • The sample gas outlet: OD8/6mm connector
  • The sampling probe containing: 25 * 1200mm(length is optional)
  • The installation of accessories: installation flange & fixing bolts & flange sealed pad

4. Internal pictures

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