FP-3T High-temperature Anti-Corrosive Stainless-Steel Filter

1. Introduction

FP-3T uses precise high-efficiency filter element to remove the particles from the gas, especially the tiny dust. Universal type design can be widely used in gas analysis system as well as providing several kinds of filter elements / membranes. It adopts stainless steel material which can be used in high-temperature and corrosive area. Replacement of filter element is easy; No need any tools while changing it.

2. Features

  • Scientific and reasonable gas circuit with perfect appearance
  • Made of 316 Stainless steel, corrosion resistance as well as easy to change the filter
  • Made of filter, with high temperature and corrosion resistance and recycle
  • Easy to replace and clean
  • Base Material: 316L

3. Specifications 

  • Sampling interface: G1/4-6mm
  • Max operation pressure: 5bar.abs
  • Max Volume: 70cm³
  • Filter material: sintering titanium alloy
  • Sealing form: O-ring
  • Mount material: 304 SS
  • Installation method: wall mounted
  • Filter precision range: 0.1-2um (optional) 
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